About Us

Guangzhou Jing Rui Plastic Co., Ltd., the company .is located in ZengCheng District, GuangZhou, with an area of 4,000 square meters. 100 employees or more.

Since its inception in 2000,we are specialized in injection mould design ,mould production,injection molding.
For years, the company from a small factory development to the Guangzhou Jing Rui Plastic Co., Ltd., and its subsidiary Hong Kong Elite Mold Co.,Ltd. Division I has been integrity, pragmatic, excellence, dedication and innovative style of service for customers, customers solve problems. So as to achieve double benefit. In good faith to provide customer service.

1, Main products
① high-precision molds, high-tech key areas of support are: advanced manufacturing and automation - new machinery - mechanical parts and manufacturing technology;
② environmental protection plastic cap products, high and new key support areas are: new materials - polymer materials - polymer materials, new processing and application of technology.

2, major customers
Foreign countries:
Sweden(Ikea,Fagerhult,Toyota,Thule,Maquet,etc),UK(Harrison Products),Malaysia, the United States
Domestic: Guangzhou Graham, Guangzhou Sam Wing, Guangzhou Yong Yi, Yang Pu Medical, Bain Medical, Gree air-conditioning, Skyworth Group, Howard Spring, Guangzhou Rachel company

3, the main machining equipment
CNC Machining Center, CNC engraving and milling machine, ordinary spark, mirror EDM, milling machine, grinder, lathe, wire cutting, deep hole drilling machine ..... Injection molding machine: 80T-400T a total of 16 units.

4,Measurement equipment
2.5 dimension measurement, digital height gauge, vertical dial gauge, micrometer inside and outside (0-150mm)